Calling all Santas, Grinches, Krampuses (Krampi?), Elves, Hanukah Zombies, Kwanzaabots, Wampas, Frosties, Yukon Corneliuses (Cornelii?), and other winter holiday denizens!

Oddmall: Emporium of the Weird – CHRISHANUKWANZMADAN want you! That’s absolutely correct. How awesome would it be if we assembled a huge gob of costumed peeps bearing (and baring) the garb of such characters? Very awesome, is the answer!


We’ll stage incredible photo shoots. Santas vs Krampuses! Christmas Ghostbusters (hint hint) vs Grinches! Reindeer vs Wampas! It’ll be epic. Giant robotic menorahs vs zombie candlesticks! Legolas vs Hermey the Dentist!

Let’s make this happen. Who’s in?


I am akringle with anticipation, as I hope are you…


Bonus points if anyone dresses as one of my horcish Santanists!

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