Join us on Instagram for the #OddmallTakeover!


Oddmall Instagram Takeover!

We imagine you are asking yourself, “What the goose do you mean?!”

Let us explain…

We are selecting one Oddmall artist or vendor each day to take over our Instagram account so that he or she can share their unique wares with the world!

We are encouraging each artist to share things such as:

  • Who are you? Tell us about yourself!
  • What do you make/sell?
  • Where do you make it? (Show us your studio, workspace, etc)
  • How do you make it? (Show us a step or two in your process.)
  • Why do you love what you do?
  • What is your inspiration?
  • What is your favorite part of Oddmall?
  • What are you looking forward to at the upcoming Oddmall?
  • How can new customers reach you? Where can they find you between Oddmalls? (Share your blog, facebook page, instagram, website, shop, etc.)
  • Most of all, feel free to have fun and be creative with it! (Maybe you walk us through your day as an Oddmall vendor, perhaps we catch at glimpse of your day through the eyes of your handmade plushies…)

Each image posted should include a brief description and: @yourusername, #OddmallOhio, #OddmallTakeover, and the shows that you will be attending in 2016 (#ExpeditionElsewhere, #EmporiumoftheWeird, and/or #Chrishanukwanzmadan.) You may also choose to tag with any additional relevant hash tags of your choice. (Keep in mind, you’ll not only want to share something about your brand, but you want Oddmall followers to know who you are and why you are controlling the Oddmall feed in each posting.)

*Please remember to keep your posts family friendly and relevant to Oddmall and your wares. We will be monitoring all posts and any distasteful nudity, profanity, sex, violence, drugs, etc, will be deleted at our discretion and the person posting will be immediately removed from the Takeover.

Each participating artist/vendor will have access to the Oddmall Instagram account for 24 hours (Midnight to 11:59 pm). After this time, a new artist/vendor will takeover. We recommend posting between 6-10 relevant images during this time, spreading them out throughout the day. (Feel free to post on a schedule that works for you!)

We will contact each approved and participating artist/vendor via email with their scheduled Takeover day and login information. (Once you know your scheduled day, we recommend sharing it with your customers and followers so they can follow along!)

Sign up to be part of the fun here:


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