Oddmall honors our fallen and wounded veterans!

Oddmall is a silly thing. We sell silly stuff, have silly fun, and generally behave in a silly manner. I’m a silly guy and I say silly jazz. Occasionally, however, we are encouraged to take a break from the silly and turn our attention to more serious happenstances.

Cute Little Ducky

On Memorial Day we honor those who have given their lives, limbs, and liberties in service to our country (not that we shouldn’t do that every day, it’s just that this day is specifically about it). You know what I’m talking about and I’m not going to get all preachy, but let me just throw this at you:

In honor of the men and women who have paid the ultimate price so the rest of us can enjoy silly things like Oddmall and Con on the Cob and those crazy Incredible Hulk hand things (well, the penultimate price I suppose) I offer the following pledge:

10% of all funds collected from Oddmall and Con on the Cob vendors, advertisers, sponsors, attendees, and donors between now and Tuesday May 31, 2016 will be donated toThe Wounded Warrior Project.

We’re not having a sale. We’re not raising prices. We’re just donating to a worthy cause. Please join us.

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