Oddmall TV Ads Available (Only $20!!!!)


Hello friends.

We have something very special to offer you for Oddmall: Emporium of the Weird (Chrishanukwanzmadan Edition), which is coming up next weekend (December 10-11) in Canton, Ohio.

Within the venue there are twelve large televisions. They are mounted on the walls in various strategic locations and will be showing a variety of ads, coupons, and informative slides on a continuous loop throughout the day. We are happy to offer vendors (and anyone else) the opportunity to purchase ad space on this continuous loop. Ads are only $20 if you create them or $35 if you have us create them. They will be shown throughout both days in 5 second intervals (so hundreds of times a day per ad).

In order to nab yourself an ad please use the following handy form. If you are creating the ad please either use the uplink in the form or email your ad before the end of the day on Tuesday December 6 to Andy (andy@andyhopp.com). Files should be 72 dpi jpegs (maximum quality) and should measure 1152×648 pixels. If you want us to create them we will use whatever info and art we can find from your facebook page or website (or you can email art and info to the address we just mentioned).

After you click SUBMIT you will be taken to PayPal to process your payment.


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